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You are here because you want to learn step by step how to build a passive income blog right?


You want to interact with the content on this page or to chart a way forward in building more traffic and become an authority in record time.


Maybe you are a total newbie with no idea of blogging and how to go about set it up.

What ever level you are it doesn’t really matter.

The primary aim of this page is to help you set and make passive income from blogging.

Short and simple, right…

So let’s start at the beginning

What Are Blogs?

Blogs are a special type of websites with few key differences.

Blogs are online journals or diaries with notes and writing on a daily basis. The term blog is derived from the word “weblog” online diaries.

They are programmed to work like diaries kept online. The only difference is that friends and family members get to see what you document on your blog.

The bottom line:

Blogs are special type of websites were you publish things that interest you and others get to see, share, tweet and comment on your ideas.

I love Yaro Starek’s take on blogs.

Blogs are outlets of creativity; they influence people, sway political opinion and report news. Blogs are communication tools, they report news.

The best part…

You get paid writing what you love.

Those who blog are called bloggers and you’ll be proud to be part of the team.

The truth is…

All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs and I’ll explain.

Why Blogs Are Different From Websites

Blogs are different from websites in the following ways:

1. Comment functionalities: websites do not have comment functionalities in them. That means, what ever the website owner gives to you is what you accept. And you don’t have the power to object. But blogs are a communication channel. You can interact with website owners and other readers.

2. Static nature: blogs are updated frequently while website is generic and static.

Noting new is found and that makes it as boring as hell.

3. Easy of setup: Blogs are easy to setup especially on wordpress or BlogSpot while websites are technical and difficult to setup. You need to learn php, java, CSS, Joomla, scripting, python and of course html.

So you discover blogs are easy to setup than conventional websites.

4. Articles are published in chronological order: that means the recent article goes to the top while the older is pushed downward.

5. Blogs generate traffic then websites: you know why? They are search engine friendly. Because, you see Google which is the largest search engines loves and depends on contents, so the more articles published, the more Google would rank you higher and you’ll gain more traffic and exposure.

But websites are static in nature with few pages and contents that are mostly stale and lifeless.

More differences exist but if you want to build an online presence, which would you go with Blogs or website?

Remember you can also do what websites can do on blogs, I mean everything. So depending on what you really want to do.

If you want to create a brand, sell your product, create awareness, build a fan and customer base, then a blog is the way forward.

The Big Benefit of Blogging

Am hesitant to say this but the truth is many are blogging without actually knowing the full potential that abounds for bloggers.

Yes; they don’t know the debt and extend to which they can go with their new found blogging hobby.

 And so they don’t take what they do seriously.

Maybe I should say this…

You’d succeed in blogging if you believe and put in the work you need to put in to make it work.

But then, it depends on what you term “succeed” right?

The truth is… there are four powerful benefits that are hidden to most people who join the blogging wagon.

Want to know what they are?

  1. A big business
  2. A renowned author and mentor
  3. A respected public speaker
  4. A booming business

Your blog can be a platform for expression, a power house for initiative and positive ideas.

You can be do and become whatever you desire through blogging.

You don’t believe me?

Alright let’s see some folks making millions from their blogging efforts:

  1. Pat Flynn makes over $100,000/monthly from smart passive income blog
  2. Yaro Starek my teacher and mentor living the internet lifestyle makes over $50,000/month from entrepreneur journey
  3. Jonathan Morrow rakes in over $100,000 in pure profit from the blog he owns and manages as a real business.

What about Terry Dean, Brain Clark, Brian Dean, Michael Dunlop all make hundreds of thousands from their blogs. This is just a fraction of experts making a living off their blogs. I could go on and on and impress you with more income stats of more bloggers

The question is…

How did they do it?

I’ll explain step by step later but the point is, you can build a big business around blog and make passive while you sleep.

Your blog could open up doors for positive interactions and issue you in the world of fame. You could be a celebrity, a sort after expert and author and a renowned authority.

You can also do it…

So let’s see how…

The Myths of Blogging

I could go ahead and impress you with blogging benefit, success stories and income reports.

…this is the real truth about bout blogging.

… It’s good to be honest right?

Hands-meet-face# It’s not easy to build a popular and passive income blog and any one who tells you is easy is either crazy or not been fair to you.

They say it’s press button easy. They make you believe all you need do is install WordPress publish contents and you’ll make serious money.

Such words sounds good and enticing right? But they are bunch of lies.

They also tell you that the more content you publish the more traffic you’ll generate.

They say you’ll make serious money and travel round the world.

But those are all stinking smelling lies.

And it hurt me that they keep selling false hope to people who really desire real change in their financial status. They are hurting smart and talented people looking to support their families. People who need side incomes to pay bills.

The bottom line:

Blogging is not easy.

If you want to actually succeed, then you need to study what makes for successful blogging.

Like any course or discipline it takes time to master the craft and make income.

The good news:

If you do it well, you’ll be celebrated. Yes, you’ll travel round the world. You’ll be famous and become an authority.

And that’s why I installed this blog.

To help you succeed.

I’ll turn on the light and point you in the right direction.

Here and now I’ll show you how to setup a professional blog from scratch and then other contents on this blog would take it up from there.

How to Set Up An Authority Blog From Scratch

Setting up the blog itself isn’t difficult in fact you could setup a blog in four minutes flat:

First you need a domain which is what your blog would be called. Mine is yours could be anything your name or what interests you.

You need a host which makes it possible for your blog to be found online.

The good news!

Domain and hosting are very cheap. For around $12 yearly you’ll get a domain and $4 monthly for a good hosting.

This video by Pat Flynn walks you through the process of setting up your blog under 4 minute

Design: you don’t need to bother with designs if you don’t have an idea about coding. You’ll just need to get a good looking theme. See 15 Places to Buy Cheap Premium WordPress Themes

You can start with a free theme if you don’t have the budget. You can also try a designer on

Upwork, Elance or fiverr for customization.

Install relevant plugin:

WP Super Cache: a free and very fast caching plugin for WordPress that speeds up your blog. This video by Harsh Agrawal will show you step by step how to setup

Backup: this indispensable plugin backs up your blog to the cloud so you don’t loose anything in case of hack or your host goes down the drain. This video by Katrina How To Backup & Restore Your WordPress Website In 10 Minutes is a perfect guide

Optimize press: helps you to build and setup high converting squeeze and sales pages. Read more here

Thrive leads: this is similar to optimize press, you can use it to also create contents upgrades and build your list faster. Read more here

Plugmatter: use by professional blogger to setup beautiful feature Optin boxes fast and easy and this video shows you how

Yoast SEO plugin: A free WordPress plugin that make it super easy to optimize your blog and its contents to rank better on search engine. Install Yoast

Don’t know how to install plugins? Watch this video.

How to Generate Traffic

To get traffic you need to create traffic channels. And to be clear on this, you need to get yourself to promote every of your post.


  • Submit your blog to search engine this video shows you how
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Do guest posting
  • Interview experts
  • Create YouTube videos and link out to them
  • Post on forum and groups
  • Post on social media, Facebook, twitter and Google plus
  • Build relationship with experts and ask them to promote you for free

How I Make Money from Blogging

Blog generally makes money in four ways

  • Create a valuable product and sell directly on your blog.
  • You could also create a membership platform along side your blog and sell courses to your visitors.
  • Promote affiliate product: You sell other peoples product for a commission. Example Google Adsense and click bank are affiliate programs.
  • Sell ads spaces: Example you could use BuySellAds to sell relevant ads on your blog or use AdRotate plugin to sell direct ads
  • Flip your blog: You can sell your blog for good profit on sides like and Buy Sell Website

How To Make Money Blogging Step By Step

Build your list from day one?

Use the following plugins:

Plugmatter plugin: for creating a featured Optin box at the top of your blog so visitor could subscribe. Valued at $39

Optin skin: I use this plugin to add subscription box after, in and at the end of my post. You could also add beautiful boxes on your sidebars. Valued at $209

Optimize press: I also use this plugins to create sales and squeeze pages. All my sales and squeeze pages are created on optimize press. Valued at 67 – $97

Thrive leads: Help you setup sweet looking content upgrades which helps in building your list quickly Starts at $67

Create a Monetization funnel and then a product.

Setup series of post to be delivered automatically to subscribers

Finally sell to them

It’s easy and quick. Thanks to Yaro for the strategy. Watch this video to learn more.

What more?

Keep writing articles, build your list and create value.

The truth about making money from blogging

I’d love to tell you it’s easy, I’d love to tell you can do it here and there and succeed.

But I won’t:

Just like the study of accounting law or physics it takes time.

Go ahead and set sail, build your blog like a pro.

We are all waiting…

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

Start today by following every step of this page

Step#1. Install your blog

Step#2. Build relevant pages

Step#3. Install relevant plugins

Step#4. Build traffic and then your list

Step#5. Make money

One thing though:

This post isn’t all you need. I will publish more post directed to help you succeed and so many times I only send the post to my loyal subscribers so as to help them succeed.

I don’t want you to be left behind.

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