Why Readers Don’t Sign Up For Your Blog (And What To Do About It)

Ever wonder why your eye-catching bribe does not seduce enough people to take action and subscribe? You often hear how popular bloggers brag about their daily conversion.

“We increase our daily email subscribers by 600%.”

“I grow my email list from 50 to 150 customers daily.”

“160 subscribers daily and still counting.”

You stumble onto their blog to gain more insight into what triggers their audience to take action, only to find out their allure is no better than yours.

And you can’t help but think….

How exactly do they do it? What’s the secret behind their daily success and boasting? Why are people knocking on their door begging to join their email list?

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The Simple Reason People Aren’t Subscribing To Your Blog.

Once upon a time, you could create a short guide that promises to solve people’s problems, and you could build an email list.

But those days are long gone.

Nowadays people are afraid to give their email address to just anyone because they want to be free from an overload of weekly newsletters and spam emails that promise to solve a problem in their life but failed.

Your blog readers are looking for a valuable reason to give out their email address”

The solution-give them a quality reason your blog stands out that easily over weighs all their reason not to sign up.

And the following steps will help you to get your readers drooling to join your list.

Here’s how:

The Big Benefit of List Building

Let’s get this straight and done with. The email list is one of the most important blogging assets and most bloggers advise you to build it up from day one.

The only problem?

They don’t tell you what to do to make them actually take that action. They also forget to tell you step by step how to implement the strategies they offer. And it’s terribly annoying.

And maybe that’s why you aren’t seeing it as valuable. That’s why you aren’t taking it seriously. And that’s why your list isn’t growing.

Well, here’s the thing:

If you take list building seriously, it’ll eventually mean the difference between success and failure for your blogging business.

Maybe you don’t know, your list is a profitable asset. They are your future customers who will someday pay your bills and send you on vacation to the Bahamas.

The problem:

They aren’t signing up no matter what you say or do.

Don’t worry. This post is a quick fix to get subscribers begging to get on your flight. And it all boils down to 5 easy steps.

Want to know how?

  1. Consider Your Placement.

You’ve probably heard this advice, “Place your Feedburner form somewhere on your blog and visitors will locate it and sign up to get weekly updates.,” or “Place the form on your sidebar,” and maybe “Get another popup staring at readers in the face.”

It’s a good idea, right?

Well, wrong.

List building is now far beyond all that. Today it’s about being strategic and more deliberate.

So you want to ask, Where do I place them? A smart question.

And the answer?

There are 9 strategic places on your blog that give high (CTR) and they work like a charm in getting readers clicking. So let’s look at them quickly:

  • Top Featured Box:

Have you considered placing it above the fold of your blog? Aha! Chances are you have not even given it a thought. But listen, it is generally proven that blogs with opt-in boxes convert more traffic. Here’s what it looks like in real life on smart blogger.

Because, that’s the first thing readers get to see when they land on your blog. It welcomes and pulls them in.

The point?

Get a featured box on your blog and watch your list grow.

  • Top Sidebar:

Sidebars are the next most important spot to get a SignUp form. In fact, it’s the most common I have seen on blogs.

So, to get your visitors to opt-in, you should get one or two up and running. Neil Patel’s sidebar has more than one, giving the visitor multiple opportunities to subscribe. Also, See how Jeff Bullas smartly positioned his sidebar form.

  • About Page:

This page on your blog is one of the prominent and the most visited pages on your blog. When you provide value, your readers want to know more about you. It’s an opportunity to let them in on your offers. See example on Backlinko.

  • Pop-Ups:

Michael Dunlop of incomedairy.com uses a popup to increase subscriptions to up 200%. I discovered prominent bloggers are also using it:, Jon Morrow, Darek Halpin, Yaro Starek, Jeff Bullas, and yours truly, all raking in hundreds of subscribers.

It’s annoying, granted.

But with a sizzling and breathtaking offer, you’re the boss.

  • After The Post:

Increase your chances of getting more signups by adding a form just after your post. Optinskin can help align your boxes nicely just after the post.

  • Hello Bar:

Positioned at the very top of your blog can help increase the chances of getting readers clicking and getting them on board.

The best part?

They are seen and get noticed before any other Optin box on the page.

  • The Footer:

When readers read your blog post to the end, they are presented with an Optin form that throws SignUp opportunity at them. It’s great because that’s the last opportunity they have before walking away. Come on, why not utilize that spot? Get your readers in by placing one. See how pat Flynn used his footer.    


The bottom line:

Your placements are as important as the list building in itself. Get it wrong, and you are screwed. And you can keep hitting your head against the rock and hoping for miracles… but no matter how you try it’s never going to work.

  1. Show Irresistible Benefit

If you want more sign-ups, your subscription boxes or pages need to answer the question: “What’s in it for readers?” You see, readers are skeptical about giving their email addresses away.

For goodness sake, no one wants to get bombarded with spam emails.

So to get them in, show them the carrots, the big benefits of why they should sign up.

Make them feel they have something great to lose if they don’t hop on immediately.

How do you capture them?

Use strong and irresistible headlines in your pages and subscription boxes.

Neil Petal is an expert and demonstrates this clearly.

So, go ahead and re-wire your headlines.

  1. Display Social Proof

The easiest way to win the attention of your readers is to show and prove that your argument is time-tested and solid. And you see, people are easily swayed into taking actions when they see others doing the same.

I discovered this with my own blog posts. People are more enticed to drop comments if they see others dropping theirs.

The same goes for subscribers.

The fix:

Display proof.

Prove to them that you are the best person for the topic.


Tell meaningful stories, do case studies, show social or subscriber counts. You can also display testimonials right before your Optin forms. Quick and easy, right?  Next…

  1. Make It Concrete And Promising:

Avoid using hidden, bland words and sleazy designs. Make your subscription boxes look professional, visible, and promising.

Do readers struggle to find your subscription or Optin boxes? Is there a clear call to action? Does it have a magnetic effect?

If yes, then you are doing great; otherwise, rewire them immediately.

  1. Use The Word “FREE”

You are probably thinking why I decided to add this point, right?

Well, here it is: If you aren’t using it in your bribe, then you are making a huge mistake.


The word “free” is a powerful emotional trigger and a source of irrational excitement.


It’s one of the most powerful words used by copywriters and in the business world to win more clients. It magnetizes and draws in readers. Surprisingly, it also appeals to interest and greed.

Used right,it’ll revamp your list building efforts.

Want to see examples?

Jeff Bullas also uses the same formula on his sidebar Optin boxes and this makes a lot of sense, right?

The catch though?

Use the word with caution and only as occasions demand. Or else? You’ll subconsciously program your readers to never buy anything from you in the future…

The bottom line?

Use the word in your subscription boxes and pages to maximize clicks, boost sales, and entice your readers into giving you their email addresses.

Interesting, huh?

The Hidden Secret To Getting 200% Optin Rate

You’re probably thinking right now:; “Charles if list building is crucial, why isn’t every blogger emphasizing on all this?”

The answer?

Maybe they don’t want you to know, or more likely, they trust someone else to tell you.

And until now, you’ve wandered round circles looking for that nugget of wisdom that will transform your list building efforts.

Because, what’re the rationales behind blogging in silence?

It’s time to begin building your list like a real pro. Focus on those things that give maximum benefits.

And it begins by re-wiring your placements and, showing benefits. Shamelessly display social proof, make your form professional, and using the power of “free”

It’s time to set sail and get the world clicking on your buttons, saying “Yes, I need it,”. “Me too,” and “Get me on board.”

It’s possible.

You too can do it.

This is your chance.

Bonus section

I have prepared a PDF checklist for you so that you can implement all this step by step Here’s a link where you can download the PDF

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Charles Emmanuel, Author, Keynote Speaker, Founder And Chief Editor of Grow Blog Traffic

  • Great post Charles,
    “Your email list is your most valuable assets”, couldn’t have agreed more. Check out every successful internet marketer on the internet today, you will find out that they all have one thing in common “A HUGE EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS”.

    They take their list building activities more serious than any other thing in their business hence, the reason they always devise every possible means to do it.

    Now, most newbie bloggers will look at someone like Anik Singal, and start comparing themselves to him, but let me ask you first, how many subscribers do you have? I bet you will answer NONE.

    Now, mind you, it’s not really all about the size of your list too, the relationship you have with those subscribers equally matters.

    Therefore, while trying to get as many people as possible into your list, think of how to deeply connect with them too.



    • yes, Anil thanks for stopping by. You are totally correct.it’s one thing to build a list, it’s another to bond so they take action on our ideas and that’s a big problem for most bloggers and entrepreneurs. To win the game, we must find ways to bond and connect smartly. Thanks again Anil

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