The Most Realistic Way To Make Your First $1000 From Blogging

You want to succeed with this thing called blogging?  You desire to turn your blog into a passive income stream?

Yes, but the more you try, the harder it seems. The more you try the more invincible you become. The more you try the more roasted your blog.

So, you wonder what the hell is wrong.

Deep inside, you wish it can change. You wish to make at least $1000/month, all from blogging.

But, is it working?

No, all you get is noting crickets.

The thought of failure keeps you awake all night.

The worst part:

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No one is ready to point you in the right direction. No one is willing to help you. And no one is ever ready to show you the way to blogging profit.

And maybe you tried everything in the books. You’ve tried Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

But you are still broke with a pile of bills to pay.

And now you are afraid…you might not succeed with blogging. You are thinking you should quit the never-ending struggle. The question again:

Is it really possible to make money from blogging?

The answer: Yes.

Based on experience and testing over the years, I put forth what I consider the best blog profit models that work for everyone in every possible niche.

So, here are the best ways to make money blogging, even if you are dumb and clueless:

1. Coaching practice: the idea here is to get on the phone with clients. Help them solve a problem and in return, you get paid.

It’s easy, quick and easy.

Let’s break it down.

Do you have an area of expertise? Say blog design, traffic generation, SEO or photography (or anything) put up a sales page and drive traffic to it or if you have an email list, offer to help them with a pressing challenge.

Install Skype and get talking.

The bottom line:

Teach what you know and get paid.

2. Sell products and services: This is one of the simplest and convenient ways to make money from blogging. Offer a product or sell a service, promote to your subscribers and get paid. One thing though, this money making model depends hugely on two things:

  • Your Advertising budget
  • Your Email list

Maybe no one wants to say this, but you see, No matter how smart you are, you need traffic to make money online.  Get your product in front of the right people, and you’ll make a good profit.

Want to see this in action? Well, Glen over at viperchill has a compact guide to get you started on this profit model. Check it out

3. Strategic affiliate promotion: The idea here is to promote other people’s product and get paid some commissions.

You’ve probably seen affiliate links on this blog. Find great products and promote them by include links in emails and create sales pages.

You need to know exactly what affiliate marketing is and its potential for you as a blogger.

Here’s EXACTLY why Affiliate Marketing WILL Work for Bloggers

Here are the three strong reasons why you should look into doing it:

  • If you want to monetize your blog quicker if you created your products and services
  • And the truth is you don’t even need to create the products yourself
  • The greatest asset you have as a blogger for affiliate marketing is your email list, in fact, its one of the greatest asset here.

What product do you use? Be an affiliate and promote such products. Hosting, themes, and plugins are great to start with.

4. Premium membership platform: This is the most realistic and quickest way to make passive income online.

Put up courses on a blog lock it up and promote to your email list. $29/month and let’s assume you have 100 students and that’s a hooping $2900/month.

Isn’t that interesting?

Enchanting business courses is a perfect example of a membership platform. Maybe you should signup to have a feel of it. (You won’t regret it)

Want to learn how to build up high paying courses? Amy Porterfield courses that convert got you covered

5. Flip your blog: Yes! If you feel it’s no longer ideal for you. Your blog could pay over six figures in income.

Sell it off.

The good news: it’s easy and quick.

Upload it over at flippa, set up a suitable price and wait for the highest bidder to pay you off.

The Truth about Blogging Profit

Imagine waking up the next morning with a check of $1000. And what if I tell you, you can win the game of blogging profit and popularity? Well, the good news? You can.

It’s possible to make money from your blog. Yes.

It’s time to stand up and fight for your blog’s survival. Pro bloggers are making it big time

Joel Friedlander at 62 launched a book design blog and today, he earns $46,000/month.

What about Natalie MacNeil Emmy award-winning founder of “She Takes on the World” and also blogs her way to half a million dollars a year.

Talk about Jon Morrow, Brain Dean and Darren Rowse, all making six figures from blogging. The point is, you too can do it.

It’s possible to succeed.

So, stop waiting in line like a beggar waiting for food stamps. Wake up and be strategic about your blogging success.

It’s not easy, granted. But if you do the right things in the right order, you’ll in no time soar in the sky of endless blogging possibilities.

The best part:

You’ll be able to pay those tiny bills. Sleep well, travel around the world and live the life of your dream.

You know what?

The world is counting on you. Your family and friends want you to succeed.

And so you can’t afford to fail them.

Go ahead and do this, baby!

I believe so much in you.

This is your chance.

Just take it.

Bonus section

I have prepared a PDF checklist for you so that you can implement all this step by step  

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