Oyedepo John: How to Make Money Blogging From Scratch-Interview

Hello sir, Can you tell us briefly about yourself. 

My name is Oyedepo John, popularly known as Sir Jay by my numerous fans and loyal clients

Yea, sir what do you do for a living?  Your occupation.

I do business; online business majorly

How did you did you discover blogging? I mean, how did you start blogging?

I can’t say anyone showed me the way to blogging. I actually studied a number of successful internet businesspersons, looked into what they do and how they make their money, then I copied them. I started with Blogspot and teaches myself how it works, then I moved on to WordPress.

Your blog over at naijalearn.com. Right? Oyedepo why did you move from sojblog to naijalearn? I discover soj is spread across other of your product like the hosting platform. Why the change?

Though I was doing well with SOJblog, I realized then that I needed something bigger than SOJblog. I needed a wide, sophisticated blog that can reach a wider audience. I needed a platform that anyone can come to and find whatever they are looking for. This was how NaijaLEARN came up.

Okay! I understand better. Sir, you have great resources out there I must say. I have read almost all your products and am practically making money online.

Okay, can you tell us? How did you learn all those technical WordPress, Google Adsense, information marketing kinds of stuff?

For some, I bought ebooks, CDs and training courses. For some, I attended seminars. But majorly, I sat all alone in my room, studying, practicalizing and implementing and the end result was superb.

Alright, but who are your mentors? And how have they influenced you?

I have ‘secret’ mentors (both home and abroad) that I do spy on and they really influenced me a lot. Akin Alabi, Onome Maureen, Gbenga Aijotan are all my secret mentors, just to mention a few.

How do you make passive income from the internet?

To really make passive income from the internet, you need to operate a kind of multiple streams of income and that is what I do. Major of my income comes from my info products. I also make some meaning cash from blogging, affiliates and offering services. I also do Fiverr and I make quite a few dollars from that too.

Okay. Let’s digress a little. I know without traffic it is impossible to make money online. Sir, what are the simplest ways to get let say, 1,000 daily readers?

First, you need an SE-optimized and quality frequent articles. If you have this, your blog will be good for organic traffic which is one of the best traffic you could get out there. Secondly, social media can also get you a handful of visitors. It should be noted also that I do make use of premium ads too, especially Facebook Ads.

Okay, paid and free traffic, which is the best?

Paid traffic is awesome. It gives a quick result.

I hear everyone talking about Facebook ads these days. Can I run Facebook ads to blogs with Adsense on them? Because I know Adsense is very interested in traffic sources.

Yes (I think) because I’ve seen a lot of ads like that. I also do Facebook ad.

What are tools and sites you use to optimize your blogs for better ranking?

I use SEO optimized themes and plugins. That’s all.

In your own opinion sir, what are the best ways to get quality backlinks fast? I mean like .Edu and sites. Gov backlinks?

I hardly do all that nowadays, but I do drop meaningful comments on similar blogs with my links. I do believe that by the time my blog start getting wide attention, people will do the linking for me freely.

If you are to advice newbie bloggers, what are those daily and weekly action plans will you recommend for gaining huge traffic?

Steady and frequent blog update really matters for getting good organic traffic. Also, while writing articles, do not write for SEO, write with your audience in mind.

Then read a lot on SEO and implement them. And lastly, make use of subscription form or Feedburner opt-in on your blog. Most bloggers tend to ignore this but it is very important as it gives you returning visitors.

Okay sir, how long did it take you to get your first blog income? And in your opinion, is blogging a get rich quick scheme?

It took me about 9 months of starting up. So, blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

Alright, sir. I know a newbie is listening to us right now and wondering how to start blogging. What will be your advice and which of your product would you recommend?

To start blogging, you must be dedicated because blogging isn’t that easy if you know what I mean. Google cheque might not be coming so soon as you desire, as well as traffic. But you need to be focused and dedicated to get going and at the end, your hard work will pay off.

Okay, sir, I have visited naijalearn.com and I see it more of a Nigerian Google. (Smiles) please, can you tell a little about naijalearn I mean the vision behind the blog?

Nigerian Google? Smiles***. Well, NaijaLEARN has a simple vision, which is; teaching everyone just what they needed at the right time they need it. Since we couldn’t do this alone, we recruit writers and pay them and in return, we gather quality and useful articles for Nigerians absolutely for free.

Sorry, I would love to know, how do you get funds to pay writers and support the blog? Do you have a kind of sponsors?

No sponsors yet. We run the blog from the revenue the blog generates and from our other online businesses.

3 more questions sir before we go. Where can I find and buy premium themes in Nigeria?

You have beautiful images attached to each and every blog post on naijalearn. Sir, how do you get those images without going against copyright laws? And are their tools you use to design images?  Tell us about them.

We get some free images from the net and edit it for the article’s purpose.

Ok sir, thank you very much. I read the Google Adsense bible and towards the End, you gave a secret to faster and quickest Adsense profit. Having few other blogs running on auto-pilot right?

Yes, sure.

Can I buy blogs to implement this same strategy? I mean a quicker way AdSense profit.

Why not? But always remember that there’s no quick way to Adsense profit.

But if I am to buy a blog, where in your opinion can I get the best deal?  looking at the time it will take to set up from scratch.

I don’t do this, so I have no idea.

That’s alright.

I received an email from you about some offers. Are they still available? what’s the link to access your products? we will also need links to other services you offer.

The Val offer has expired but you can still get them here; www.oyedepojohn.com/offers

What final advice will you give the newbie bloggers reading us now?

First, be dedicated. Second, be patient and third, be focused. Also, keep reading and keep learning new stuff on how to improve your traffic.

Okay, thank you very much sir

You’re much welcome


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