Jeremiah Zenda: How to Get Traffic And Make Money Blogging- Interview

May we know you, sir? Who are you and what do you do for a living?

Well, I am simply known as Jeremiah Cyracks Pasen Zenda. My pals call me Cyracks. On the internet, I am known as Cyracks Zenda.

With regards to what I do for a living? I am a blogger and a self-employed person striving to start my own business.

2.      Okay, you own and manage cyracksInternetBiz. An educative and inspiring blog that teaches how to make money from blogging. Can you tell us a little about your blog?

I started around December 2010 with no other vision aside making money from it. Then I later dumped it because I lacked the knowledge as to what to do with my blog to make the money.

Then I did a lot of research on the internet and discovered that it is not a get rich quick scheme for newbies. I now diversify to sharing information about mobile phones, computers and smartphone’s tips, tricks and tutorials since that was what I knew how to do best. But now, I decided to merge all these niches together as far as people love reading them all.

3.      Cyracks, I want us to really streamline this interview on traffic
generation as it’s the key factor for passive income. Now how do you
generate traffic to your blog?

The last time I checked my Google analytics statistics some few days ago, 75% of my traffic is from search while the rest are direct and referral traffic.

Very low traffic from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and others. The reason is, I have never given full time to practice some of the traffic generating tips I read online even when I knew how to. But in a few weeks from now, I have planned to do some paid advertisement on social media sites to improve my traffic. For the past years, all I just do is write articles and publish on my blog without monitoring my traffic. I know it’s really a bad habit for a blogger like me but I will be strategizing very soon.

4.      Your blog runs on the Blogspot platform. In one sentence, why do you decide to stick to blogger instead of WordPress?

I started with and the interface is user-friendly to everyone including newbies.

5.      Ok, sir, this is really interesting but tell us, in your own
experience, what are those daily, weekly or monthly actions you take to get additional traffic? (Practical steps sir).

 Like I said before, I don’t really spend much time on my blog to do some of these practical traffic generating stuff even when I knew how to. But let me tell you some of the traffic generating tips I know. Natural Traffic from Google. You need traffic from all angles to make Google believe your traffic is 100%. And when Google notice these quality traffics to your site, they improve your ranking. First, you need referral traffic.

That is traffic that comes from other sites to your site. You can get this traffic by writing a guest post for high authority blogs with links to your site. You can also write unique articles and submit them to article directories with a link to your site.

Secondly, you need traffic from social media sites. Here you need to pay to get huge traffic. You can get a lot of traffic on Facebook ads with just $1 a day.

The post you are advertising must be interesting before it goes viral. You can also drive traffic to your website from twitter if your twitter handle has more than 5000 twitter followers or spend some money to advertise

You can also paa y few amounts of dollars on Reddit to get quality targeted traffic. These are the types of traffic that increase your blog’s authority on Google search result pages. Email marketing and forum posting are also good.

6.      In your own opinion, what are the best traffic sources? Search
engines? Social media? Or paid ads? Which is the best?.

Search engine traffic is the best because you get it for free.

7.      Wow! Thank you so much for this eye opener. But sir, what are the tools, plugins or sites you use to analyze and improve your traffic?

I use Semrush, Keywordspy to find keywords with high search volumes to include in my post, Google Analytic to see what kind of traffic lands on my blog, Google Webmaster tool to disavow low quality backlinks to my blog and get Google to fetch my new published post within
minutes,, and for checking backlinks to my blog. to find sites to create backlinks. for checking Google last access on my blog.

8.      Ok sir, as a blogging professional, what will be your advice to get
backlinks fast? I mean quality links like .edu and .gov links.

The only fast way I know is to buy them on fiverr. Or you can buy some tools to find the important .edu and .gov websites and submit your links to them manually. There is not a fast way to success. You will have to pay a price.

9.      I see few bloggers writing crappy contents over the internet. What are the implications of writing quality contents? Does it improve traffic?

Well (laughs) crappy contents bring crappy traffics and makes you look unprofessional while quality content brings out the professionalism in you. Yes, quality content improves traffic but in the long-run.

10.     Can you shed more light?

When you right quality articles, people read your articles and see how good and original you are. They latter comes back to read more because you interest them with the quality you display in your articles.

Especially when such content are problem solvers. With regards to traffic, yes quality contents bring quality traffic in the long-run because your traffic grows gradually as most people stumble upon your website mistakenly.

But if you want to grow your traffic quickly, then you need to advertise your content to get more exposure.

11.     Who are your mentors and how have they impacted your life?

Jide Ogunsayan of He introduced me into blogging and inspired me with few words the day I met him at Glo Office Makurdi, Benue State.

12.     Okay back to your blog sir, I have gone through several of your
articles and I discover you have a great resource there and a wonderful teaching skill. Please, how do you get blog post ideas and quality free images for a blog post?

Some ideas just come like that and I write them down. I do a lot of research online and try them out when they work out fine; I share it on my blog.

I get images (mostly tutorials) from screenshots on my device and sometimes I get them on but refer to the source. Although they are many free image website online, I seldomly use them.

13.     What tool do you use to edit and design those images on your blog post?

I mostly use Corel draw, Paint, Photoshop and Microsoft
office to resize images.

14.      That is great. Okay, sir three more question before we go. How do you make money from your blog?

I make money through Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and paid or sponsored reviews.

15.     Cyracks, what are the mistakes newbie bloggers are making today and what is the advice you have for them?

Most of the newbies today just jump into blogging because they heard Mr. A and Mr. B is making money blogging without even knowing how it works and what kind of sacrifices they have to offer before the money comes. That’s why most of them fail and quit blogging. Get a fundamental knowledge about blogging, do a lot of research and get management skills before you run a blog.

16.     I made about $80 after 3 months with Google adsense. Please tell us, is Google adsense a get rich quick scheme?

Yes, Google adsense can be a get rich quick scheme if you know how to play your cards well.

That is if you really understand the rudiments of blogging and how to get quality traffic for your blog, you can easily make millions in a few months. But if you don’t, it will just be a nightmare. That is why the need to do a lot of research and learn from a mentor is necessary.

17.     Wow, this is awesome. So what are other ways of making real money from blogs?

Affiliate marketing, writing product reviews, sponsored post for brands and big companies.

18.     Finally, Cyracks, what is the future of

I mean what should we expect in the nearest future?

Well, is growing gradually but before next year, I will surely come out with something bigger and surprise our readers with a lot of valuable giveaways. We are moving CIB offline too where we can reach more audience and impact their lives positively.

19.     What are the calls to actions on your blog? Like, what are those things you want visitors to do when they visit your blog?

It’s every bloggers wish to see their visitors keep coming back to get loads of information and surprises. I wish the same too.

20.      Ok in one sentence what will be your advice for anyone who want to build a blog like yours and make money?

Do proper researches before you delve into the blogosphere or you will be lost.

Thank you too.

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