The Dumb Bloggers Guide To Blogging Popularity, Traffic and Fame

Quick question!

Ever wished to get behind the world’s most influential blogs?

You wish you can be given an opportunity to peep into their most technically kept secret.

And yes, you wish you know what they know.

Because, truly, You’ve implemented all the blog traffic tips thrown at you. You’ve done all but nothing seems to work. Your blog is still lame, faint and lifeless.

No traffic.

No comment.

Shares and tweet? Zero.

It’s painful.

And honestly, you are not dumb. You know what pro-blogging is all about. You sure came in with high expectation for success.

[themify_box icon=”download” color=”orange”]Free PDF Checklist: This post is 1,577 words long.  that summarizes the guide and shows you step-by-step how to build a popular blog [/themify_box]

Like me, you were told blogs are good for search engine ranking and that all you needed was quality content and traffic would magically flow your way.

You trusted them. You believed everything they said. You understood them crystal clear.

But what now?

You’re still struggling to succeed. You are now struggling for survival. You are even nowhere to be found on Yahoo, Google or Bing.

The worst part?

160+ million blogs exist and more than two million posts are published on a daily basis. So what’s your chance? How do you cross the heavy sea of noise? How do you get everyone to pay attention to what you have to say? How do you press through the thick competition of your niche?

A troubling thought indeed.

In this post, you’ll discover the only secrets to gaining traffic. You’ll learn how to raise a blank WordPress blog from 0 – 50,000/month empire. Yes, bold promise!

I’ll show you step by step how to step up your game and win all the attention and traffic you deserve.


The Hidden Secret to Blogging Success

Blogging is the game of luck, it’s the game of numbers and it’s about finding the right timing, writing what you love and sharing on social media, applying Google Adsense to make money, Right?

But honestly those are deep-seated lies, in fact, a dumb bloggers guide to failure.

If you want to be a medical doctor or a lawyer, you don’t just wish and become a doctor. No. and it’s not even about the number of years or background. You could spend twelve years without still being a doctor.

Blogging is no different.

If you want to be one of the most famous bloggers on earth, then luck and wishes don’t count for much. And it’s not about placing ads networks around your blog.

You must follow working principles and school yourself in the craft.

You see, the problem with most bloggers is that they are doing so many things the wrong way.

Chances are, in your fingertips are all the tips and tricks. But you aren’t implementing them the right way.

So how do you want to succeed? How do you want to gain traffic? How do you want to cross the sea of noise?

The painful part?

No one is ever willing to tell you the truth. No one is ready to point you in the right direction.

If you want to succeed, then you must stop the dumb things everyone else is doing. Stop the bullshit. Be clear about this path because you know clarity brings purpose, right?

The bigger problem?

You don’t have an idea what you are doing wrong.

Probably a lot.

And this is where our lesson begins:

The Three Stupid Reasons Why You’ll never Succeed as a blogger

1. Blogging For Profit Instead of Passion

It’s actually crazy.

You see other bloggers income report; you’re wowed by the stats and figures. You are overwhelmed, jumped on the blogging wagon, installed WordPress and publish a couple of articles.

But what?


The truth is, you end up frustrated and wimpy with no one ready to help you.

Blogging is all about providing value, changing lives and impacting people.

Profit naturally flows to where value is created.

2. Believing You Can Do It Alone.

Pro blogging is about connectivity, interlinking and sharing love.

It’s terrible how newbie bloggers try to do everything all by themselves.

You see, in every niche and market, there are those who have gone ahead of you. They can help and point you in the right direction and it’s pointless trying to be self-sufficient.

Avoid the path of loneliness.

3. Writing the Wrong Type of Articles

The conventional advice is to write more content and publish on a daily. They also say content is king, the live wire and heartbeat of your profession, right?

The truth is? All those advisers are wrong.

Not all contents are created equal, some are stronger than others. Some are aimed at bonding with readers; others are used for generating more traffic while some are geared towards creating excitement, joy, and happiness.

So, the question is, what type of article should newbie bloggers focus on?

Troubling isn’t it?

Two things that matter with blogging:

[themify_box ]1. Write articles so valuable that readers ask for more
2. Find an opportunity to connect with experts and bond with readers.[/themify_box]

You should write inspirational and valuable articles. For instance, you don’t go publishing sleazy and half-baked contents.

That’s a fool’s path to endless struggles.

Write articles aimed at changing the lives of your readers… list post, expert’s roundup, ego bait, and guest-o-graphics.

This is the way to win.

4. Terrible Article Structure:

Just like the point above, bloggers suck in writing.

And honestly, I can’t even stand the vomit and grammatical blunts on some blogs.

They keep churning out such useless and empty articles, and I hate to see them because they make my tummy quake. (Am sorry for that)

Articles that have no chance to run on the search engines.

It’s a mess! Mess!! Everywhere you turn in the blog-o-sphere is messed up.

No wonder they never succeed after all. They are stalked deep in the ocean of emptiness, and it’s a big shame!

And yes, to succeed, your articles should have three basic structures (the opening, body, and close) right?

Yes, but that’s not all.

You need to make them extremely valuable, interesting and interactive.


Include expert quotes, transitions, interlinks, stunning images and of course bullets points.

Employ the power of empathy to personalize and create more bonding with readers.

A hard truth, huh?


5. Stop Sacrificing Value For Quantity

And the easiest way to achieve that?

Avoid publishing daily. Why? Because it’s a stock dump Blogging idea. Painful truth.

And no one is saying it…

Being a popular blogger is not just about Writing and writing and writing, it’s a good thing. But chances are, you might never succeed after all.

I’d love to say it’s easy to build a popular blog from scratch. I’d love to Say it’s straight and that you can do a little here and there and wow in fame!

But I’m sorry, I won’t. Not even for a million $$$.

If you want to be an unforgettable blogger, with huge traffic and following, then you must stop focusing on things like blog design, SEO, backlinks, social media, infographics, creating YouTube videos, commenting on forums and so on.

Yes, I admit they’re all important, but not at the beginning of your blogging Career.

To be honest:

They won’t help you much.

The Path to Blogging Fame

It all boils down to only three major steps.

What? Did I say only 3 major steps?

Yes buddy, and here they are:

[themify_box ]1. Write unforgettable content
2. Build a long-lasting relationship with those that matter
3. Promote the hell out of every content you write[/themify_box]


Be brutality and totality shameless about asking influencers for help. Yes, go ahead. Ask them to promote you and they will.

You know why?

You are a person of value. You are damn interesting… and to put it more direct, you are a skilled wordsmith.

The point of this post:

You too can succeed, you can overcome the noise and win the game of fame and popularity.

And it doesn’t matter if the web is full of crappy contents, and it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out. If you follow the 3 principles above…

you too will survive. You will make it to the very top. Yes! You’ll succeed, not because I said so, not even because you’ve chosen the path of a skilled blogger.

But because you now understand the basic principles for successful blogging.

That’s the joy of this whole piece

It’s time.

It’s time to wake up and do the right things in the right order. It’s time to prove to everyone that you are no fool. To let them know that writing is your calling and that you can never fail.

It might take some time, granted.

But you’ll surely get there.

A point where traffic, comments, shares, followers, and subscribers would never be a problem anymore.

Plus, you will earn passive income, travel around the world,  feeling like God’s true child.

Start today by focusing on those things that truly matter so at the end, you will never be forgotten.

This is your chance to build a blank WordPress blog to a six-figure machine.

And listen…

Darren Rouse did it, Jonathan Morrow did it and Brian Clark did it.

Many more are still breaking records, the good news?

[themify_box ]YOU TOO can do it and I believe you can…[/themify_box]

Over to you:

What are your thoughts?

We love to hear from you.

Bonus section

[themify_box style=”orange download”]I have prepared a PDF checklist for you so that you can implement all this step by step [/themify_box]

To your success

Charles Emmanuel

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  • Wow! Charles, you nailed it again. i want to say a big you for this post. its a great motivation and i love your theme

  • Charles , hahaha . wonder how you sit to write in such a conversational tone. am blessed by this post. i will share this right now

    • Thanks for dropping by. Am happy you enjoyed the post. well, What I did was pretty simple.

      I write in a conversational tune by first identifying my readers greatest obsession.

      And then using empathy to win their heart

  • You nailed it Emmanuel, they 5 keys to blogging success totally resonate with me, Keep the great work! Plus, I’m off to share!

  • Thanks for putting up this enlightening piece, Charles.

  • The content which you have covered in your blog post is simply awesome and I really appreciate your research.
    The information is really useful for newbies and everyone can learned lots of new things from your post and thanks for sharing such interesting information with us.

  • The best post I’ve read this month. You’ve really taken your time to address this issue of traffic and all. The truth here is that not everyone is meant to blog. And majority of bloggers are in for the wrong reasons… That’s why 80% (just my view) of bloggers don’t exceed the first year of their blogging journey… Yes! That’s what happens when you think you’ll start getting thousands of visitors and bagging millions after few months of blogging. You’ll surely be disappointed.
    As a new blogger, creating values and valuable contents should be the priority and the rest will follow, though it may take some few months to see the result. Yea! That’s why blogging requires patience and passion.

    Thanks for this again Charles. Nice blog and great contents. Looking forward to reading more of your post.

    • Charles Emmanuel

      Wow Julius, am flattered. I almost fall of my chair. the keyword for blogging fame is AS YOU POINT OUT, patience and passion. Am loving this…Thank you for reading. keep visiting for more insightful contents

  • Nice Content you’ve got here. Thank for the info

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