How To Create A Sweet E-mail Teaser Readers Can’t But Click

It’s terribly annoying, isn’t it?

Imagine you walk into a busy and noisy hall with over 5,000 people all watching their favorite game? Or You walked into a busy Mall with something important to say.

How do you put or say it so everyone pays attention to you?

For some of us, gaining attention online and in blogging was an unbearable nightmare.

You spend time and effort churning out inspiring contents, sharing on social media and of course your e-mail list.

After all, these are working traffic techniques, aren’t they?

The only problem?

Your subscribers are totally blind to your e-mails.

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No one is clicking, no matter what you say or do.

Could it be you’re missing something? Could it be your copy skills isn’t good enough? Or could it also be your subscribers are just trying to hurt your artistic feelings?

The worst part?

You logged into Aweber or MailChimp hoping to get excited, but what? Nothing but goose eggs! No one is clicking on your email headlines. To be more direct, the CTR is a huge black 0%

You wonder, what the hell was wrong? Why aren’t people clicking?

Well, here’s the face slapping truth.

Your teasers are damn weak and powerless. Yes, that’s it. And the worst part? It happens over and over again.

So, you fear email marketing is never going to work for you. You fear your traffic and conversion might never snowball. You’re scared all your blogging and list building efforts would go down the drain.

Don’t worry, in this post, you’ll discover how to spice up your e-mail marketing campaign so your readers fall head-over themselves to consume everything you have to say.

So then, is there a smarter way?

Yes! And it all boils down to this:

Bringing Your Readers Back To Life

Every smart writer knows that the main purpose of a teaser is to get readers clicking on your email.

And contrary to popular belief, teasers are very powerful and are wired into marketing campaigns to bring about more traffic and sales. Though, indispensable for every blog marketing success, they aren’t created equal. Some teasers are strong while others are weak.

You see, to get them clicking, you need to find a way to bring them back to consciousness. You need to re-awaken them and get them interested in your offer.

It’s not easy, granted. But effective email marketing is about is bringing your readers back to life. It’s about walking on their skin. It’s about looking them in their eyes and be brutally honest about situations – I’ll explain:

Generally speaking, bloggers think readers are active waiting for Emails. And it’s ideal to think that way. But in reality, it doesn’t work that way.

This is what happens…

When your email arrives their email boxes, they sluggishly scroll to see who wins the battle of their attention. They look out for an enchanting and value-packed subject. I mean, they look out for open loops in the subject lines.

The points:

Successful e-mail teaser works hard to create loops and create irresistible suspense.

And it’s been proven time and time again that the human brain seeks closure and hates to be suspended.

Think am joking? Well, let’s try this out.

Switch off your TV set in the middle of an interesting scene!

What do you feel? Uncomfortable right? You begin to wonder what the hell is happening behind the scene.

Smart and interesting teasers differentiate you from other sleazy and dumb marketers. They make you stand out in the sea of teaser noises, they position you as an authority, even if you’re not. Great teasers break every form of resistance and get your subscribers on reading mood.

So, let me show you how to create email teasers in Under five minutes.


STEP #1. Pull Them Into Your Party

Your headline is the most important element of your teaser. Screw it up and your campaign is sure to fail. It’s an opportunity to hypnotize and pull your readers into your copy so it becomes super interesting and powerful.

STEP #2. Give a Delicious Opening

Open with a question, a quote or an illustration. The idea behind your opening is to keep your readers glued to your email. Let every sentence droll your readers deeper into your copy

STEP #3. Tap Into Present Needs

Identify the problem your readers are faced with. What pressing problem needs to be solved? what keeps them awake all night? you need to understand your reader’s obsessions and wow them with custom-tailored advice.

STEP #4. Make It Short And Simple

You don’t want visitors to get bored reading your mail, do you? You need to make it short, crunchy and simple. If you have more things to say or a lecture in the series, it’s ideal to make it more interesting and entertaining by keeping paragraphs short. As a rule of thumb, your email should be under 5 paragraphs.

You Get? Next:

Step #5. Give A Strong Call To Action

Try to avoid vagueness at all costs. Your readers should know specifically what you want them to do. click a link? Read through the email? Expect the next email answer Or take a survey.

If these elements are in place, you instantly hook and pull your readers in.

The good news:

It doesn’t matter if your post is lifeless and empty, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a perfect writer. And it doesn’t matter if you just woke up from slumber to write. Seriously, follow these techniques and you should win the game of inbox attention.

Now Your post is ready, the big question is, what will you tell your subscribers?

So, let’s look at real examples from professional bloggers.

This teaser was written by Jonathan Morrow.[themify_box ]

Headlines: 20 Ways to Be Just Another Mediocre Blogger Nobody Gives a Crap About

You know what? Almost every blogger I know complains about a lack of traffic.

But as hard as it is for them to hear, most of them don’t deserve more traffic.

Why? Because their blog is bland, predictable and downright boring.

So here’s a useful reminder of what not to do if you really want more traffic:

20 Ways to Be Just Another Mediocre Blogger Nobody Gives a Crap About

Go check it out and let me know if any of these apply to you.

Talk soon,

Interesting isn’t it? You see the principles in action…the teaser has a captivating headline, it’s short and gives a strong call to action.

Let’s look at another teaser from a marketing guru Nail Patel


Today is a big day!

The Advanced Customer Acquisition webinar is starting in just under two hours at 10:00 am Eastern Time (the US and Canada), GMT -5.

To join in just click this personal link before our start time and be sure you’re early enough to get a seat:

I have more registrations than seats so you can be sure that it will fill up.

Please get there a few minutes early to make sure you’re able to get a seat and join me.

That’s it, see you soon!

Neil Patel

P.S. Make sure you stay the whole way through because we’re going to be getting all your questions answered. This is an opportunity to interact directly and get help from me on your business.


Interesting, right? The principles put into action yet again. Nail taps into readers deepest desires, the intro is wow and the headline is as spellbinding.

How To Win The Game Of Attention

Let’s be honest… There isn’t any point pitching your lists if they won’t click and there’s no point trying to impress sweating and wasting hours writing teasers that won’t convert.

If you want to get all the attention you deserve, then- you should do the needful. Get smart and write teasers that wins.

I’d like to say it’s easy, I’d like to say you can do it just the way you like. But I won’t.

You know why?

I want you to do it right. I want you to get traffic. I want you to get more comment and shares.

It’s not easy, granted.

But there’s no way around this.

Getting a high click-through rate is doable if you do the right things.

I believe you are smart and you can win the battle of attention.

What are you waiting for?

Do it gat Dammit.

Bonus section

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Drop your comments.

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