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The Most Realistic Way To Make Your First $1000 From Blogging

You want to succeed with this thing called blogging?  You desire to turn your blog into a passive income stream? Yes, but the more you try, the harder it seems. The more you try the more invincible you become. So, you wonder what the hell is wrong. Deep inside, you wish it can change. You wish to make at least $1000/month, all from blogging. But, is it working? No, all you get is noting crickets. The thought of failure keeps

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How To Build a Profitable And Popular Blog Even If You Have A Full Time Job

Every one thinks we are fools. They believe Bloggers are jobless. And we don’t blame them! Because they watch you glued to your computer for hours, beating your keyboard, smiling and having fun. To ease the pressure, You look smart and productive, you tell them you blog for a living and they too can join the wagon. Day and night you keep struggling, Trying to impress family and friends. But deep down, you know you aren’t making a shit. You

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The Quick And Sneaky Way To Write Spellbinding Closure For Your Next Blog Post

You’ve crafted an attention-grabbing headline. You’ve got a powerful introduction and your opening and body make a lot of sense. But there’s a problem… You have no idea how to close. You don’t even know the exact words to say to bring them in. It’s so frustrating, I know! You want to use your words to cast spell on your readers, to make them feel positive about themselves and lure them to drop a comment and share your post. So

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Why Readers Don’t Sign Up For Your Blog (And What To Do About It)

Ever wonder why your eye-catching bribe does not seduce enough people to take action and subscribe? You often hear how popular bloggers brag about their daily conversion. “We increase our daily email subscribers by 600%.” “I grow my email list from 50 to 150 customers daily.” “160 subscribers daily and still counting.” You stumble onto their blog to gain more insight into what triggers their audience to take action, only to find out their allure is no better than yours.

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5 Simple Tips for Building Strong Relationships With Bloggers

Well hello there! I just published a new post over at Successful Blogging Called How to Build Meaningful Relationships with Experts in Your Niche Comments and shares are rolling in… And am positive you’ll fall deeply in love with this post because  it explains step by step how to build relationship with power users. Go read the post. Just so you know, i am in the process of building Grow Blog Traffic, so you’ll notice a lot of things happening around here Now

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