Top 100 Blogs in Nigeria (And The Mavens Behind Them)

Victory dance today at GBT It’s been a while since we’ve got an updated list of prominent bloggers in Nigeria. In 2014 I made a list of top 100 blogs in Nigeria and the post did pretty well. The only problem… It wasn’t comprehensive enough. Because I’d admit I made use of the wr ong or weak metrics. Secondly, I found similar list of top 100 blogs… but again they are either outdated of full of broken links thereby affecting

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How to Stick To The Minds of Your Readers (So They Remember You for the Rest of Their Lives)

Well hello there! i just published a new post over at Successful Blogging Called  How to Stick To The Minds of Your Readers (So They Remember You for the Rest of Their Lives). Go check it out So far it has gained 45 comment and some good shares, am positive you’ll fall deeply in love with this post because  it explains why people forget us quickly and pretend as though we never exist. (It’s painful) Go read the post. Just so you know, i am in the

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