Jenny Chisom: Tapping Into The Big Benefits of Blogging- Interview

Hi and welcome to Grow Blog Traffic a blog dedicated to teach and help people all over the world to make passive income especially from blogging. Today I have a very special guest on the show and you will get to meet her. She is an active member of Bloggers lab and also a very influential blogger. Ladies are really taking over the blog-o-sphere and even doing better than the guys. Smiles. . . . Chisom is one of those.

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Jeremiah Zenda: How to Get Traffic And Make Money Blogging- Interview

May we know you, sir? Who are you and what do you do for a living? Well, I am simply known as Jeremiah Cyracks Pasen Zenda. My pals call me Cyracks. On the internet, I am known as Cyracks Zenda. With regards to what I do for a living? I am a blogger and a self-employed person striving to start my own business. 2.      Okay, you own and manage cyracksInternetBiz. An educative and inspiring blog that teaches how

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Oyedepo John: How to Make Money Blogging From Scratch-Interview

Hello sir, Can you tell us briefly about yourself.  My name is Oyedepo John, popularly known as Sir Jay by my numerous fans and loyal clients Yea, sir what do you do for a living?  Your occupation. I do business; online business majorly How did you did you discover blogging? I mean, how did you start blogging? I can’t say anyone showed me the way to blogging. I actually studied a number of successful internet businesspersons, looked into what they

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