How To Build a Profitable And Popular Blog Even If You Have A Full Time Job

Every one thinks we are fools.

They believe Bloggers are jobless.

And we don’t blame them!

Because they watch you glued to your computer for hours, beating your keyboard, smiling and having fun.

To ease the pressure, You look smart and productive, you tell them you blog for a living and they too can join the wagon.

Day and night you keep struggling, Trying to impress family and friends. But deep down, you know you aren’t making a shit.

You know you are freaking fooling yourself. You know it’s stupid, but what can you do?

Should you stop?

Maybe yes!

But What about all the huge investments on themes, plugins, designers and your precious time?

They’ll all be a waste. And you fear you’ll be laughed at and called a failure and you truly do not want this.

The worst part?

You can’t quit. You have these little things called “bills,” and they have to be paid.

And the pro bloggers? They are just as busy as you are,they watch your precious blog go

down the drain!

No one is willing to help you.

No one is ready to give you custom tailored advice.

And no one is ready to point you in the right direction.

It’s painful indeed.

Now, you end up spending your entire life surfing the internet looking for tiny pieces of the puzzle and ingredient that’ll make you a supper productive and influential blogger.

It’s not because you want to.

Oh, No!

Like everyone out there, You’re just trying to survive.

And in the back of your mind, you think you have no other choice.

But what if I said you’re wrong?

In fact, what if I got on the phone with you and helped you redesign Or help you build a popular blog? What if I show you the easiest path to blogging popularity, traffic and fame, So you never have to struggle again?

I know you don’t believe it’s possible, but listen…

I used to be just like you

Working aimlessly for 40 hours a week. Sometimes more.

Spent every penny on data subscriptions and fighting for attention in the crowded blos-phere.

No traffic,

No connections, and the worst part?

My only “friends” were people who don’t even have a clue what blogging is all about.

Terrible isn’t it? It sucked, and I couldn’t put up with it, because I thought I had no other choice.

I was so bitter and ruthless.

Yes! I stopped posting new contents, I deleted my WordPress blog, cancel my Aweber and hosting accounts. To hell with blogging and everything that comes with it!

It’s painful granted.

I don’t care anymore what people would say. I concluded all those income reports on so called expert blogs are all fake and pure lies. Dammit!

But then something happened:

I was surfing around two months later and came across a post on dying, mothers and fighting for your ideas on copy blogger by Jon morrow.



I was curious about the headline gripped me-and decided to check it out.

I must admit, that was one of the best post I ever read in my life…

He told a story of how he was diagnosed with muscular Atrophy and how his mother fought to keep him alive.

The doctor told the mother:

“Your son has a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy,It’s a form of muscular dystrophy that primarily affects children.”

“What’s going to happen to him?” Jon’s mother, managed to ask.

I was curious about the headline gripped me-and decided to check it out.

I must admit, that was one of the best post I ever read in my life…

He told a story of how he was diagnosed with muscular Atrophy and how his mother fought to keep him alive.

The doctor told the mother:

“Your son has a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy,It’s a form of muscular dystrophy that primarily affects children.”

“What’s going to happen to him?” Jon’s mother, managed to ask.

“Where most children grow stronger as they get older, your son is going to get weaker. He’ll lose the ability to move. He’ll lose the ability to breathe on his own. And one day, he’ll catch an infection that will spread into his respiratory system, giving him severe pneumonia . . .”

She held up her hand to stop him. “You’re saying he is going to die?”

“Don’t be sorry,” Pat said, wiping tears away from her face. Her voice was suddenly very calm.”He isn’t going to die.”

At 27, he’s one of the oldest people in the world with his type of SMA, and people tell him it’s a miracle.

Yes. But the miracle is a mother who fought like only a mother can to keep him alive. Jon Made it clear in that post:

“Your ideas are your children. Their future is as tender and delicate as that of any newborn. You can’t just write them down and expect them to succeed. Writing isn’t about putting words on the page, any more than being a parent is about the act of conception. It’s about breathing life into something and then working to make sure that life becomes something beautiful”

And honestly?

That changed me. I couldn’t help thinking how meaningful ideas are left to die. One minute, we are on it, the next minute we up the game and innocently we do away with multi million dollar ideas.

And Sometimes those ideas begs for a second chance, but we get ruthless and bid them farewell.

That’s what happened to most of us. We study and develop positive ideas in line with our passion, but when the pressure gets tough, we give in, walk away and wondering why nothing is happening.

And you see, 70% of hard working people die without fulfilling our dreams

And I couldn’t help wondering… if I’d follow the crowd?

So, after a lot of thought and soul-searching, I did something crazy:

I re-installed my Blog. And today its getting 20,000 views a month.

Here’s What No One Has the Courage to Tell You

You know all those blog posts about link building quick traffic, management systems like Getting Things Done?

Well, they’re not going to save you.

Sure, they can make you more efficient. Yes, I absolutely recommend learning and using them.

But they’re not enough.

As long as you keep doing the dumb things everyone else is doing, you’ll never have full control over your blog’s productivity. Something will come up, and you’ll find yourself hating and regretting why you installed your blog, you’ll keep churning out contents upon contents and noting will change.

You’re also another blogging slave. Your experts would keep recommending latest tweaks and tricks . you’ll never be able to take any major decision for your blog, you are alwas following worthless advice that might never work for you. For most of us, that means spending at least a portion of our time doing things that are boring, pointless, and maybe even immoral.

Granted, doing everything yourself is no cakewalk. You might end up working even more than you did before. But the good news?

But you’re in control.

You have a compact guide and blueprint to aid you every step of the way. You also very clear on what to and believe in.

Personally, I take a few hours off every evening to have dinner with my family. I go to the movies and spend some quality time with my angel. I also plan little activities and outings every weekend.

The rest of the time, I’m working in my home office, doing work I love, building a business that will one day support me even when I’m not in the office. It’s wonderful.

But the truth?

This is NOT for everyone

Not even close.

Some people need (and like) to be told what to do. Without a long list of action items, they feel lost and worthless.

Some people also need a boss to hold them accountable. Whenever no one is looking, they just goof off all day.

And lastly, some people absolutely depend on a steady paycheck, corporate health insurance, or other benefits. For them, it’s not just a perk. It’s a matter of life and death.

If you’re in one of those categories, you can stop reading now. The rest of this letter doesn’t apply to you.

But maybe you’re different.

Maybe you like deciding what you’ll do every day. Maybe you want to build a side business. Maybe you can (temporarily) reduce your income in favor of building the life you want. Maybe profitable blogging.

Sure, a steady paycheck is nice, but it also comes with all the other baggage of having a job. And to you, it’s just not worth it. You’re too smart for all that.

You’re looking for a way out. You just don’t know how to do it.

Questions, Questions, Questions

Since taking the leap into Blogging and entrepreneurship, a lot of people have asked me questions like…

  • How much money did you save before you quit your job?
  • What did your family think?
  • How long did it take before you were able to replace your salary?
  • What kind of expenses did you have?
  • What’s your average workday like?

And I’m happy to answer all those questions, but here’s what you really need to know:

There’s not a “one size fits all” answer.

Some people need to save for a year or more before they can quit their job. Others have enough savings to quit immediately.

Some people have supportive families. Others don’t, and they really need to think through how to approach them about it.

Some people can replace their salary within a couple months of quitting your job. For others, it takes years.

The big question isn’t, “How can I copy Daren Rowse, Brain Dean or Jonathan Morrow? How can I build a blog, pull in server crashing traffic, make money and quit my job”? The question is, “What’s the right path for YOU?”

Granted, it’s a hard question, because there are SO many different answers. That’s why having a coach to help you think through the process can be so valuable.

Here’s How I Can Help You

Would you like to know how much money you’ll need before you can build a profitable blog and safely quit your job?

Would you like a realistic timeline for multiplying or replacing your income?

And for that matter, would you like to just tell someone about your situation and get their honest opinion about whether or not logging and entrepreneurship is for you?

Well, here’s the deal:

Over the next 30 days, I’m going to help five people create a plan for building a popular and passive income blog and then quitting their jobs. If you’d like to be one of them, I’ll create a custom-tailored roadmap designed specifically for you.

You’ll get:

  • My honest, unfiltered opinion on your specific situation
  • A step by step guide to setting up a profitable blog
  • An action plan for starting your blogging business on the side, so you can hit the ground running when you finally do quit
  • A projected budget for your first year in business
  • A projected timeline for replacing your income with your new business

By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly what to do and exactly what to expect. Instead of just dreaming about getting side income or quitting your job one day, you’ll also have a roadmap for making it a reality.

Painful but true:

Nothing is more expensive than the advice you don’t take.

If you don’t talk with me, you might be fabulously successful, but you’ll probably go through some rough times first. You’ll Struggle to build your blog, You’ll quit your job too early, choose the wrong business idea, outsource the wrong things, or any number of other common mistakes.

How Much Does It Cost?

Don’t panic.

By talking with me though, I’d like to think I can help you avoid some grievous mistakes. No, I can’t save you from all the headaches from being in business for yourself, but if I can save you from just one, you’ll save 10-50X what I charge you for my advice.

With that in mind, the price is $FREE.

What? Charles are you insane?

No! At least i want to help a few people achieve their dreams.

My Guarantee: You’ll Be Overjoyed with My Advice, or You Pay Nothing

By the time we finish together, I guarantee you’ll understand exactly what you need to do. You’ll also have a realistic timeline for making it all happen.

But if you’re not satisfied?

I’ll give you your money back. All of it. No questions asked.

Just email me within 30 days, and I’ll issue you a complete refund.


Because my job is to help you. If you don’t feel like my advice is worth 10X the price, you shouldn’t have to pay.


All right then, here’s what to do next:

Here’s What to Do Next

Click the PayPal button below to pay for our strategy session together.

When I see the payment come through, I’ll email you within one business day to schedule your session. We’ll talk for one hour. Afterward, I’ll email your plan to you within three business days.

In case you’re wondering, the payment process is completely secure. PayPal is one of the largest and most trusted processors in the world.

Also, you do NOT need an account to process the payment. You can use your debit or credit card, just like you would on any other website.

Simple enough?

Here’s the payment button:

Warning: I’m Serious about Only Accepting 10 Clients

Once all five spots are filled, I’ll take down this page.


Because I’m not in the consulting business.

Sure, I’m getting paid for coaching here, but this is just something I’m doing to help out a few people. I don’t have any desire to be a full-time consultant.

The point?

If this is of interest to you, go ahead and sign up. It’s only $197. You probably spend more than that on one nice meal at a restaurant.

If it’s not for you though, that’s also totally fine. No pressure.

The choice is yours.

Here’s the payment button one more time:

Talk with you soon,

Charles Emmanuel

I’m a writer, motivator, and difference-maker. This blog is where I share my best work. Welcome to GBT

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