Jenny Chisom: Tapping Into The Big Benefits of Blogging- Interview

Hi and welcome to Grow Blog Traffic a blog dedicated to teach and help people all over the world to make passive income especially from blogging. Today I have a very special guest on the show and you will get to meet her.

She is an active member of Bloggers lab and also a very influential blogger.

Ladies are really taking over the blog-o-sphere and even doing better than the guys. Smiles. . . . Chisom is one of those. Okay, let’s go straight to the interview.

1. Welcome to the show, please may we know you?

My name is Jenny Chisom Opara, a Nigerian lady, who is started blogging in 2009 and since have revolutionized the way blogging is done. I blog business at and have groomed many other young people to use the blogging edge to advance their cause.

2. Okay, that’s good, Chisom, how did you get started on blogging? I mean what was your starting point and what was the motivation?

I stumbled on blogging when a friend of mine showed me his blog which I thought was a website until he explained the difference. My motivation came when I realized that I could pretty much post all the information I needed to use for a website without having to spend any money, so I immediately created my first blog which was my proposed business name at the time. (Smiles)

3. Wow, this is really inspiring. Okay, based on your experience and testing over the years, what would be your definition of a blog or blogging?

Hmm, blogging now means a lot of things to me. I would say that for me it is an ICT powered media platform that one can utilize like he/she would if given a TV or Radio airtime and even more. But for me, a blog is richer because content can be created using video, audio, pictures, infographics as well as text and being on the internet, it is a great marketing tool for anyone whose reach and focus is the whole world.

4. Chisom, I know so many newbies are really following and reading us on this interview, please would you tell us the benefits of blogging.

Yeah, for you a newbie, blogging would help you and whatever cause or industry you represent to gain visibility. With my blog, I got businesses from clients in the UK and even had a staff who was American at a time that tells you that you can gain world recognition writing on an area of interest. Blogging makes you an authority in your chosen field and you can tour the world just off your keypads. Blogging improves your writing skills and can be a developmental tool, you can use it as a PR tool to undertake community projects amongst others.

5. I have gone through your blog several times and came to discover that you have a strong desire to educate and entertain Nigerians with insightful information on Enterprise, business and making an impact via nation-building

Am I right Chisom?

Yes, I hate poverty and especially seeing a young person who hasn’t discovered his purpose. So I take my time to suggest and analyze business ideas and promote creative enterprise.

My blog focuses on empowerment and men success.

Talking about my nation-building projects, I saw the need to train bloggers to be ethical and make money too, and that gave birth to the Login Blogging Enterprise project.

The need to connect young people with social media skill, to social media jobs gave rise to the Social media Job fair and a networking idea for bloggers also got rise to the much talked about Bloggers party in Nigeria.

6. Okay, can you shed a little light on that?

Okay. The Login Blogging Enterprise featured Intending Bloggers class which helps people to learn, design and plan a viable blog. The Bloggers masterclass is for bloggers who need to improve, pimp and make money from their blog. It is usually a monthly training and it has empowered a lot of young people who make up the Login Bloggers Network that plan the Bloggers Party yearly. A lot happens around us really (laughing).

7. Wow, I must say, you execute big dreams. We can’t wait to join in this drive. Now your area of interest or niche is it driven by passion or profit

Wow! I will be glad to have your partnership. On my area of interest, hmmnnn (nodding head) I am definitely driven by the passion to generate PROFIT. (Laughing) Really I started out with the passion but have since started making a profit. More like “living what I preach.”

8. How do you make money from your blog? Presently and in the nearest future?

I make money from direct Ads, sponsored posts, BBM consulting and via my blogging projects.

9. Alright, Jenny Someone reading us right now wants to know how he or she can set up a blog just like yours. What would be your advice?

That will be really cool. To start, the person must first Identify his/her passion or area of interest, decide on a brand color and features needed, design the scope of the area of interest, decide mode of content (video and text, text alone, video alone, or others, then decide on a particular duration for posting and ensure that he/she has steady internet access and a computer). Another major is for him/her to study the major blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress and decide what best suits his/her technical know-how for ease of use.

10. Wow, thanks, Chisom. How do you get people to read your blog? I mean traffic, how do you get traffic to your blog?

Traffic comes from posting original articles and being consistent and also advertising your blog amongst other ways. This blog tour will also drive traffic to my blog at naturally. So I innovate for traffic. hahaha

11. Do you really have a call to actions on your blog? I mean, what are those things you want visitors to do when they come to your blog?

I have “About Me”, “ My projects” “My work” and the like. My posts also call to action most times. Like one of my recent posts on the movie “The Wedding Ringer”, It inspired and gives an assignment of sorts.

12. Two more questions, before we go. Can you tell us your plans for

My plan is to make my blog a business and enterprise platform where young people who are tired of seeking for jobs, go to and get ideas to start small businesses and make a living off their passion and leveraging on other people’s passion too.

13. What’s your final advice to ladies like you who are still waiting for their parents or friends to pay their bills?

Hmmnn, simple. I would say “Ladies, there is a reason you are who you are, why not cash into the ‘celebrity’ in you and get started with something? People will benefit from your passion, talent or skill and you will lead a happier life. Life is all about impact. Don’t forget I can always help.

14. Okay, what are your blog addresses and Facebook page? Where can readers find you?

My blog is, Find me on Facebook at Twitter: @jenny_chisom

Wow, thank you so much, Chisom, for your time. It’s nice interviewing you. Keep up the good work.

I am super-duper excited for this opportunity

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