How To Create A Sweet E-mail Teaser Readers Can’t But Click

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It's terribly annoying isn't it? Imagine you walk into a busy and noisy hall with over 5,000 people all watching their favorite game? Or You walked into a busy Mall with something important to say. How do you put or say it so everyone pays attention to you? For some of us, gaining attention online and in blogging was an unbearable nightmare. You spend time and effort churning out inspiring contents, sharing on social media and of course your e-mail list. (more…)
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On writing, Dreams And The Desire To Stay Alive And Be Happy

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Tired, aren't you?  Tired of the noise, the advice and everything else everyone has to say. You are practically fed up with with all the lies going around the blogosphere. Deep down, you are called out to be a writer, yes, you know you have that calling, you know you have a dream. But somehow, the puzzle isn't meeting up. You are always disconnected and nobody seems to care. (more…)
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The Dumb Bloggers Guide To Blogging Popularity, Traffic and Fame

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Quick question! Ever wished to get behind the world's most influential blogs? You wish you can be given an opportunity to peep into their most technically kept secret. And yes, you wish you know what they know. Because, truly, You’ve implemented all the blog traffic tips thrown at you. You’ve done all but nothing seems to work. Your blog is still lame, faint and lifeless. No traffic. No comment. Shares and tweet? Zero. It’s painful. (more…)
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Top 100 Blogs in Nigeria (And The Mavens Behind Them)

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Victory dance today at GBT It’s been a while since we’ve got an updated list of prominent bloggers in Nigeria. In 2014 I made a list of top 100 blogs in Nigeria and the post did pretty well. The only problem… It wasn’t comprehensive enough. Because I’d admit I made use of the wr ong or weak metrics. Secondly, I found similar list of top 100 blogs… but again they are either outdated of full of broken links thereby affecting the host blog’s rankings. I used some sleazy ranking tools. (more…)
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The Stupidly Simple Guide to Massive Traffic: Free Report

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I have a confession to make! Some months ago, I had an epiphany, jumped on Facebook and asked a simple question that got my Facebook wall flooded with notifications. Here’s the question: Who wants instant traffic? Well, I woke up the next morning with handful of likes and comments, so I quickly ask interested folks to join my blogducateHQ page to download my Blog Traffic Blueprint (Remember?) After 24 hours, 103 people joined the page. And I was shocked and blown away by the responses I got. (more…)
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