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04- How to be super successful and productive in your life

What is your definition of success? How do you tell if an individual is truly successful? Is it about money? Is it about the relationship or about living the life you crave? Why is it that some people are more successful than others? They go to where you want to go, travel to the Bahamas and eat whatever they want to eat? What is the secret to happiness a much even more in a year? Questions questions questions! This episode

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03-How to build a blog that is guaranteed to succeed from day 1

Quick question, What makes a successful blog? Is it about content, but links all social media engagement? To be honest, all those are important for successful blogging but it does not guarantee success.  Yes, it’s one thing to build a blog and it’s another to truly watch it succeed. So the question is, what makes a successful blog? How can you build a blog from scratch even if you are dumb and clueless about setting up a blog?  Well, do

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02-How to make money from blogging

  Let’s be frank. Making money online is hard. Especially if you are just starting out without any mentorship, materials, and insight that will help you scale the hurdles, sometimes you’ll pretty much hit your head against the rock for months or even years before you discover your true path. In this particular episode of GBT podcast, I spell out the real truth about how to make money from your blog and the super productive even if you are brand-new.

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01-Introduction to GBT podcast

  Hello everyone, I want specially welcome you to the GBT podcast. It’s a one-stop destination for working traffic ideas.I have come to discover, that the blogosphere is crowded with lots of information about how to make money from blogging…  But do they work?  Is it actually possible to make money from your blog? The answer is yes. You can make passive income from your blog even in your spare time and that is what this podcast is all about.

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